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Fan of the week – Nirupama Lallbeeharry Bissoondoyal

1. Tell us a bit about yourself ?
Well, am aged 28 and live in Camp Fouquereaux. I am an Accounts Officer working in a private Telecommunication Company in Ebene, Mauritius. I am married and mother of two lovely daughters, aged 6 & 4 years. I am very fond of horses & horse racing since early childhood. I inherited of this passion from my grandfather & father. Now even my husband started sharing this passion for the horses & racing and it’s a “Champs de Mars ambiance” when we are at home watching the races.

2. How came this fan link for Merven Stable and Cedric Segeon ?
Although, not being a member of the Merven Stable, I have been following the stable closely for the past 5 to 6 years. The stable has progressed a lot to be amongst the best ones nowadays with good quality horses, an excellent trainer, and a top jockey in the name of Cedric Segeon. And for this, the fans should be thankful to all the stakeholders of the stable. Unfortunately, Cedric is not being able to ride but Swapneel Rama has been doing a great job till now. This fan link for Cedric started from when he started riding for the Merven Stable after his journey at the Maingard yard, especially after his win on Alitalia. I really like his way of riding the horses and the vigor with which he rides, especially in the final straight be it on the front runners (Mountain Thunder, Lions Print, Even Chance,…) or the finishers (Ruby King, Kings Guards, Kruger Rand; Liquid Motion, Double Dash, and many more).

3. Memorable race of all time ?
I have several memorable races at the Champ de Mars, amongst some, the win of Le Turbo against Botanique, Pinehurst in the Maiden Cup 1998, wins of Liquid Motion, Kruger Rand killing the opposition with 62kgs and Kings Guard beating Polar Royale by 0.02 length and this was an energetic and superb ride by Cedric that day, “la rage de vaincre” de Cedric. The most recent & memorable is the races won by Ruby King, especially the ones when he beat a horse like Real Admiral & that also twice…. I really like that tactics (turning wide at the 500m, overtaking rest & nearly back to back with the front runners at the entrance of the final straight) with which Ruby King is rode and may be that’s what makes me adore that horse. Memorable races are not only wins; The Air Mauritius Maiden Cup 1996 also is very memorable to me… I still remember how much I cried that day when Le Turbo lost the race, at half the final straight, when River Run overtook Le Turbo, I was completely devastated… But, now I understand, that’s the beauty of our races.

4. A words on Skippyjon Jones after his win in the Winter Stakes ?
Skippyjon Jones, is a horse that is improving after each of his races. It was a fantastic & powerful ride by Swapneel Rama, the horse with 59.5kg on the back, had to be taken out to secure a clear running at the entrance of the final straight and yet he finishes strong enough to get Everest and wins the race with a half-length. I must say, hats off to this local boy for this race, and special thought goes to Mr. Patrick Merven also for keeping the horse in an excellent condition. I am sure that Skippyjon Jones will be a strong contender for the Maiden and I wish from the bottom of my heart that he brings in the Cup for the Merven Stable.

5. What do u think about Cedric Segeon recent issues?
I think that both the local authorities & the MTC have been very unfair to Cedric, whereby even if he faulted on Triad of Fortune, he has been sanctioned for that already with the fines and 6 weeks suspension. And now, they are neither renewing his work permit to let him ride & defend his title since they should not forget that he is the current Champion Jockey nor letting him leave the country. I sincerely think that this is a very inhuman treatment vis a vis this fantastic jockey.

6. A message to Cédric Ségeon ?
I hope & pray that you will be out of these issues soon & stronger than always. Come back quickly since I know that the horses at Merven stable are missing you a lot.., especially Ruby King, Kruger Rand & Liquid Motion, naming a few only…. and so are your FANS…
Hope to see you back in the saddles soon…. God bless you…

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