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Fan of the week – Akshay R.

Tell us a bit about yourself Akshay ?

Auditor by profession spent part of my life in Croydon, Australia where i was graduated and start my career. But as my home and family is too sweet to stay far from, I came back to Mauritius. Mauritian horse racing has been the passion of the family for years but mine has been much more from following the races almost all around the globe. While staying in Australia I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see the many races amongst lots of famous horses and jockeys. I’ve been a die hard fan of Patrick Merven stable and Cedric Segeon since years and this passion won’t end here.

How came this fan link for Merven Stable and Cedric Segeon?

Since the first win of Cédric Ségeon with West Bar None from Maigrot stable yard in the international day 2002 I became impress with this young frenchy. I still remember this race cedric got his ride followed in 3rd position on the rails all way long and made it short for his opponents in the final straight by winning the race easily. And seeing he got a contract for Ricky Maingard stable in 2009 I knew he would make an impact with the talent that he got. And he proved me right straight away one week later by displaying his tremendous talent by making a triple in the second meeting since he started riding here 2009. But the real fun started from Ipse Dixit’s win on the 30th meeting 2011 – We can say the love story Patrick Merven stable – Cedric Segeon started since and the love affair has gone stronger and stronger till now. In fact this is the most amazing and important thing that made me a fan of Merven Stable and Cedric Segeon. Their loves and mutual respect to each other. We do not see this anywhere and probably won’t ever see this kind of relationship in Mauritius in other stables. I will skip the years from 2011 to 2013 as there are too much to say that will take the whole website space lol !! Lets talk 2014 !! The year of the supreme consecration– What a year, what a great year so memorable. Every fan felt so proud when Prince of Wings won in the last meeting which made Cedric the Champion jockey 2014. It was plenty of emotions, joys, and happiness. So happy for the whole team and Cedric Segeon that day. As I take racing as a sport and passion for me it was like Merven Stable and Cedric Segeon won the European champions league. Time to time I still review those spectaculars finishes of Cedric Segeon on horses like Ruby king, Double dash, Princeton, Liquid motion, Kruger Rand etc. In 2015 we all know Cedric has gone through some difficulties recently and has been heavily criticise by some racegoers on social network blogs but myself and lots of people which we call them as “la masse silencieuse” were there praying and supporting him in those hard times and I will always do as a true and honest fan.

One of your most memorable race in Mauritius ?

My most memorable race for me I would say when Liquid Motion passed the finish line first in the Princess Margaret Cup . Cedric rode a perfect race that day, coming from the draw number 4, Liquid Motion was stumbled by two others horses making him lost some ground but Cedric kept his calm as usual and didn’t panicked and very quickly went close to others by following third on the rails . 300 metres to the post when cedric asked liquid to kick in the final straight , the latter showed tremendous speed and guts and  kick brilliantly to win in front of horses like Tales of bravery , Polar bound ,Tandragee showing he also got the balls of a champion.

Your favorite horse at Merven stable ?

Liquid Motion of course as he has a big heart that guy !

Liquid Motion is a horse that I knew from South Africa. He was always a decent sort and always showed tremendous turned of foot in the final straight . In his first race in Mauritius he showed he would be definitely be a valuable asset for his stable for the coming years when he come to beat the companion stable horse Kruger Rand . From that, he kept proving to us race by race that he is indeed of a class above and a horse with a great heart . Two second places bagged in the Golden Cup, let’s hope this year will be the right one for him.

One or Some of the horses that you think will do very well soon?

I’ll say The Pieman will be hard nut to crack in his next outing and Frykat also will soon be in the winning enclosure. The horses seemed was missing Cedric Segeon lately but now he is back in the saddle i am already seeing the Merven stable horses smiling !

A word for Cedric Segeon ?

Congratulations to you Cedric for the most emotional Duchess of York Cup we had in the history. Your brother must have seen the race from heaven and I am very sure he felt so proud of you. I wish this classic’s win brings another one this season. You fill the neighbour showcase with the Duchess of York Cup and I’m sure you will bring also the biggest cup to Merven stable this year. And lastly; we are always here to support you in both your hard and good times. Have a great season 2015

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